A vision for the future: World Champion Huff partners with OCC LASIK

28/10/13 News

A vision for the future: World Champion Huff partners with OCC LASIK

Rob Huff – the 2012 FIA World Touring Car Champion – is pleased to announce a new and innovative new partnership with OCC LASIK – a leading laser vision correction centre based in Ontario, Canada.

OCC Lasik is part of a clinical centre that specialises in ophthalmic surgery and eye care, including laser vision correction.

The centre has over a dozen years of experience in the field of ophthalmology and, with a proven track record in exceptional eye care, OCC LASIK prides itself in being equipped to provide superior results in laser vision correction.

The Canada-based company is looking to motor racing, where clear vision is imperative to optimise performance and maximise safety, to boost its public profile.

Huff, aged 32, has been competing at the pinnacle of international touring car racing since the WTCC’s inception in 2005, inexorably rising to the ultimate prize – the 2012 FIA World Touring Car Championship.

The British racer will act as an official ambassador for OCC LASIK for the remainder of 2013 and the duration of his packed 2014 campaign, taking the brand to all four corners of the globe – the USA, China, Western Europe, Russia and Australia – and utilising his public profile to boost visibility and exposure worldwide.

Dr Fareed Ali, Director and Eye Surgeon at OCC LASIK, said “We are proud of this partnership with a professional driver of Rob Huff's calibre and reputation. The world of motorsport puts extreme demands on the visual performance of the drivers, and also requires that those involved possess the highest levels of technology and innovation. So it is the perfect environment to showcase what OCC LASIK has to offer.”

Huff added: “I’m really happy to have a partner of such high quality that is at the cutting edge of its field, in this case ophthalmic technology and surgery. OCC LASIK is a well-renowned and highly-regarded player in its field and I dearly hope to be able to spread that message around the world and act as a fitting ambassador."

BAM Motorsports Group Managing Director, David Madgwick, said: “I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to introduce OCC LASIK to Rob Huff. It’s nice when we have a client with specific desires and somebody of Rob’s calibre to suit their marketing and growth ambitions. Knowing the personalities involved in the project, I’m certain they’re going to be a great match together for the long-term.”

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